Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{Loving} - Pinterest DIY Ideas

Here are some DIY ideas that I have found on Pinterest that I am loving! 

(1) Block letters on blank canvas - such a great idea!

(2,3) Ribbon Holders - how easy would it be to do either of these?!

(4,5) I love the idea of taking old window frames and making them into picture frames 

(6,7) My necklaces could be neatly organized if I did one of these ideas! Either take a piece of wood and use knobs as the hangers, or a towel rod with shower curtain rings! Love it! 

 References - (1) Word Canvas; (2) Ribbon Holder; (3) Ribbon Hanger; (4) Picture Frame 1; (5) Picture Frame 2; (6) necklace hanger; (7) necklace hanger 2

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