Friday, February 3, 2012

Entry Way Ideas

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am working on a few different projects ... well, I am in the process of creating and designing an entry way into our home! Right now the area is completely bare, which is nice to have a blank pallet, but I have so many ways I could go! I have found a lot of pictures through blogs and Pinterest, and I think I have come up with a good theme! Here are some of the ideas that I love:

I love the bright light from these lamps and piece of furniture. 

 Love the simple table, large mirror and sconces

Gallery wall of pictures? Yes please!

 Simple and chic

 Gorgeous mirror table with large lamps and pops of color with accessories

 Love the large mirror and accent chairs

 Again, beautiful table with large mirror and lamps

 Simple, yet so pretty with the accessories and pictures

Any ideas on which way I should go?! Any other pictures that might help in my decision making?

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