Monday, October 31, 2011

{Dining Room} Pictures

Like many of you, I am constantly coming up with new ideas of things that I would like to add or change in our home! I am definitely happy with how things are evolving, but it seems like there is always a list of things I want to do! For example, our dining room. We don't have much wall space to work with since three of the four walls have doors, but the one wall that is available is basically a blank canvas. As seen below, I mainly take pictures from a certain angle to hide my blank wall.

Here is a picture taken earlier this summer: 

And here is the room again, taken from a slightly different angle, but you can see the blank wall to the left:

So, I thought it would look good to hang some pictures! I picked up some frames from IKEA the last time I was in Atlanta. 

I took an idea from some fellow bloggers and hung some blank paper the same size at the frames to get the exact placement we wanted on the walls. This definitely helped and made the process much easier!

Here is the finished product! I am so happy with how they turned out. The pictures are from places we have been throughout our first years of marriage, which is so special!

This picture is from Jackson Hole, WY (taken in March 2011 on a ski trip with our friends)

This picture is from Highlands, NC (taken in September 2011 on a family vacation)

This is a picture from the beach on St. Simons Island (taken during the summer of 2010)

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